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About Our Show

THE PAINTERS Season 2 is an immersive experience
that takes you on a journey of artistic creation.
Witness the magic unfold as live drawing, stylish urban dance,
and cutting-edge media art come together in our performance.


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SINCE 2008

over 20,000Shows
over 7MAudiences
15Countries 67Cities


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Materials Used

Papers 180Tons
Charcoal Sticks 
Acrylic Paint 90,000L
​Marbling Solution 


What People Say

Spent the best time with my family!

An amazing performance that
I couldn't take my eyes off of!

The best art performance,
no regrets viewing!!

painters-audience-kyunghyang arthill-seoul-korea.png
painters-playing with audience-jamboree-kyunghyang arthill-seoul-korea.jpg
painters-autograph session-taesung-kyunghyang arthill-seoul-korea.jpg

It made me proud that there is such a high-quality performance in our country. From young nephews to middle-aged aunts, we had a good time talking about the performance throughout the meal after the performance.

- ID : h20***

This 80-minute show left me amazed and laughing the entire time! The artists drew quickly and abstractly, leaving me wondering what the final image would be.

As question marks filled my head, Michael Jackson appeared.

As the scene shifted to images of the ocean, the artwork magically transformed into The Little Mermaid. At that moment, I felt like a happy child again, having fun and enjoying the performance.

- ID : tery***

There was never a moment when I was bored.
Everyone, regardless of nationality.

I only watched the movie play with my daughter.

Without taking my eyes off you for even a second

I didn't even know it was over. 
Give gifts in between

It's perfect to be with the audience!!! Good!!!!

- ID : nuj7***

painters-asia's got talent.jpg.jpg

On Media

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March 2019 Asia Got Talent Semifinals

painters in I am Solo ep.13 2023

March 2023, SBS+ I am solo. Episode 13  

painters in KingPrince nippontv japan in 2023
March 2023, Nippon TV King & Prince る
painters in The Real Jinro Performance

March 2023 Jinro X Painters Real Master

painters korean newspaper article

The JoongAng Ilbo in April 2019

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painters-ending-kyunghyang arthill-seoul-korea-4170.jpg
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dynamic and colorful
Mediaaf opening sequence!

painters-media art-kyunghyang arthill-seoul-korea

Media Art

Sculpt the light!
A work that shines even more in the dark!

painters-light carving-kyunghyang arthill-seoul-korea

Light Carving

Colorful paint that moves like dancing!
Pop art with a twist!

painters-action painting-kyunghyang arthill-seoul-korea

Action Painting

Gorgeous group dance!
A mirage-like work born out of it!

painters-dust drawing-kyunghyang arthill-seoul-korea

Dust Drawing

A speed that makes you doubt your eyes!
Korean paintings that are alive and moving!

painters-speed drawing-kyunghyang arthill-seoul-korea

Speed Drawing

A feast of colors that spread brilliantly on the water!

painters-marbling art-kyunghyang arthill-seoul-korea

Marbling Art

Romance fantasy with light!

painters-light drawing-myungbo arthall-seoul-korea

Light Drawing

Deeply touched by the magnificent masterpiece that transcends time and space!

painters-masterpiece-kyunghyang arthill-seoul-korea


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painters-photo time-kyunghyang arthill-seoul-korea.jpg
painters-photo time-myungbo arthall-seoul-korea
painters-photo time-myungbo arthall-seoul-korea
painters in starhall honkong
painters autograph session 갈산중학교 in myungbo arthall
painters-autograph session-hwan-kyunghyang
painters-autograph session-dongwon-kyunghyang arthill-seoul-korea
painters autograph session with audience
painters autograph session kyunghyang arthill
painters taking picture with audience wearing pink sweater
painters with jamboree in kyunghyang arthill
painters-autograph session-yoonsoo 2-kyunghyang arthill-seoul-korea
painters autograph session with jamboree
painters taesung during autograph session with jamboree seoul korea
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Gwanghwamun Theater

(Kyunghyang Art Hill)

Show : 2022.9.1 ~ OPEN RUN

Location : 1st floor, Kyunghyang Art Hill, 3 Jeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

Seats : 338

ShowTime : 17:00, 20:00

RunningTime : 75 minutes

TicketBoopen : 1 hour before the start of the show

painters-Gwanghwamun theater-map-en.png


Line 1 City Hall Station Exit 1   13 min on foot

Line 2 City Hall Station Exit 12  13 min on foot

Line 5 Seodaemun Station Exit 5   6 min on foot

Line 5 Gwanghwamun Station Exit 6  12 min on foot

Painters-NH Arthall-Seoul-Korea.jpg

Seodaemun Theater (NH Art Hall)

Show : 2024.04.01 ~ OPEN RUN

Location : B2F, NH Art Hall, 120, Tongil-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Seats : 405 (1F-275 , 2F-130)

Show Time : 17:00, 20:00

Running Time : 75 min

Ticket Box Open : 1 hour before the start of the show

painters-Seodaemun theater-map-en.png


Connecting to Seodaemun Station Exit 5



Show : 2019.6.1 ~ OPEN RUN

Location : GimhaeGayaThemePark161,Gaya Theme-gil,Gimhae-si,Gyeongsangnam-do

Seats : 448

ShowTime : Wed-Fri 14:00 / Weekends, Holidays 13:30, 16:30

RunningTime : 60 minutes

AdmissionTime : 30 minutes before the start of the performance

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painters actor j.moo
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painters actor s.bin
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painters actor yoonsoo
painters actor sungjin
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painters actor jongwan
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painters actor sungmin
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painters actor minu
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painters actor j.s
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painters actor taesung
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painters actor minseok
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painters actor taeil
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painters actor geonul
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painters actor hyunjun
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painters actor z.hoo
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painters actor wooseok
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painters actor y.hyun
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painters actor seokjun
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painters actor dongsoo
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painters actor dongjin
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painters actor yoonsun
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painters actor jinseok
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painters actor g.seok
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painters actor dongwon
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painters actor
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painters actor taedong
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painters actor sanghun
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painters actor jihwan
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Pentatonic Inc.

A : 3rd floor 3 Jeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

T : 82-2-766-7848     E :

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