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Meet The Painters outside the theater!

The Painters also offers touring shows in Korea and abroad.

The touring show stages high quality, theater-level performances almost anywhere requested.

Through numerous touring shows, the quality of our performance has been acknowledged by audiences worldwide.
The Painters, one-of-a-kind show, is ready to present unique experience to audience all over the world!

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천마아트센터학생단체 투어_합성_보정.jpg
남경투어 (1).jpg

Recent Domestic Tour Show

Geoje Culture Center

그라데이션 퍼플 블루

Domestic Tour Show 2022

What People

"An impressive performance that I had no choice but to invite 4 years in a row"

Busan Student Arts and Culture Center

"Recommended as a family show enjoyed by three generations of children, adults, and the elderly!!"

Jeongseon Arirang Center

"It is a performance that makes you more proud of the content made in Korea"

    "The show that the audience enjoyed the most, content recommended to be uploaded at many venues!"

Inje Sky Naerin Center

"There has never been a more wonderful cultural experience performance. Unrivaled art performance"

"I had no choice but to consider the schedule for the encore due to the ending scene and the cheering audience reaction"

Daegu Student Culture Center

"The 1st performance I want to invite every year"

Ulsan Student Education and Culture Center

"It was a really proud performance that gave my children a pleasant cultural trip."

Ulsan Hyundai Art Hall

"Fantastic live show that didn't sag until the end of the performance, and even bursting laughter. The best!!!"

Incheon Namdong Sorae Art Hall

“A performance that was filled with cheers from the audience with the passion of the actors and the production team!!”

Icheon Art Hall

투어초청자 후기

Overseas Performances 2022







대만 11/04~07

타이페이/ITF 박람회

대만 11/04~07

타이페이/ITF 박람회

대만 11/04~07

타이페이/ITF 박람회

대만 11/04~07

타이페이/ITF 박람회

대만 11/04~07

타이페이/ITF 박람회

대만 11/04~07

타이페이/ITF 박람회

타이페이/ITF 박람회

마닐라 / KTF (Korean Travel Festa)

필리핀 09/10~12

마닐라 / KTF (Korean Travel Festa)

타이페이/ITF 박람회

마닐라 / KTF (Korean Travel Festa)

Taiwan ITF 2022 Interview
2022 Korea Culture & Tourism Days @ Hanoi, Vietnam
line elements_edited_edited.png

The one and only customized performance !

The Painters can incorporate corporate logos/images, event titles and even products into the show. The Painters has been spotted in numerous events held in Korea, and also in events hosted in USA, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and etc. More and more, you will be able to see The Painters in national events, corporate events and even private parties!

2017 세계지식포럼 _ 장충체육관.png
2017 세계지식포럼 _ 장충체육관 8.png
2017 세계지식포럼 _ 장충체육관 4.png


5 min Show

  • Ideal for opening or closing at corporate events

  • One artwork is drawn and customized for the best impact of the event

2022 근로자휴가지원사업_워크숍_시상식 3.jpeg
2022 근로자휴가지원사업_워크숍_시상식 6.jpeg
2022 근로자휴가지원사업_워크숍_시상식 2.jpeg


25 min Show

  • Compilation of the most favored scenes from the full version show

  • 25 minutes of show highlights (4 or 5 artworks)

  • 5~30 minutes show can be customized based on client’s request

20140920 대한항공 내그비 1.jpg
20140920 대한항공 내그비 6.jpg
대한항공_내가그린 비행기 미술대회.jpg

1 hourShow

1 hour Show

  • Compilation of the most favored scenes (7 or 8 artworks) from the full version show

  • Few scenes can be customized based on client’s request

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