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[Spring Day 2022] Selected as excellent performances for the Seoul Metropolitan Government's Cultural Performance Support Project!!!

No.1 art performance that stimulates the imagination of students

Enjoying the performance, Painters that give you more value than that.
Painters is not just about students watching the performance unilaterally,
It is a 'communicative performance' that breaks down the boundary between the stage and the audience.
It's a performance that can't be found anywhere else in the world, and it's a fun performance for difficult art
It offers a special honor.

It will be an opportunity for teenagers to communicate directly with artists and develop cultural and artistic sensitivity through experiencing high-quality art tailored to the youth's eye level.



STUDENTS white text icon
the painters spin drawing
the painters dust painting in purple lighting
painters-autograph session-갈산중학교 2-kyunghyang arthill-seoul-korea.jpg

Discover the art and science techniques hidden in Painters!

1. Marbling show where accidental patterns based on the principle of not mixing water and oil make a wonderful picture !
2. Stone powder creating something out of nothing in the blink of an eye, dust drawing!
3. Light carving that scratches the darkness and paints with light by applying the 'gratage' technique!
4.J ackson Pollock's Action Painting! Techniques to Become a World-class Artist with Unique Art Techniques

painters-kyunghyang-welcome message.heic

"Welcome to Painters!"

As soon as I entered the concert hall

A welcome video just for our school on stage!

painters-photo time-kyunghyang arthill-seoul-korea-89_edited_edited.jpg

"Save the impression of the performance in my heart!"

An opportunity to save large works and actors on stage in my cell phone with my own emotions

painters-kyunghyang-student-audience participation-seoul-korea_edited.jpg

"I'm the star of today's performance!"

Explosive popular segment for students, my friends and actors on the same stage??  

2013-2019 4,100 schools nationwide, 510,000 visitors!
Painters supports dreaming students!

학교단체 문의 : 홍석돈 차장

Tel  02-766-7848

Mobile  010-3843-9814


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Korean language school

<한국어 어학당>

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Painters touched by more than 7,000 foreign students a year at 23 university language schools!
Are you ready to fall for K-Culture charm?

Painters will be on stage with a cultural mission to provide foreign students from all over the world with opportunities to experience Korean culture and to promote and inspire Korean charm.
Beyond simple performances, live drawing that combines media art, music, and K-DANCE across tradition and modernity will be a touching gift to remember Korea most vividly for 75 minutes.

In addition, Painters will break down the wall between the stage and the audience and provide an unforgettable experience in Korea through participatory cultural content between actors and international students.

It is proven that international students' satisfaction with this high-quality cultural experience, which can only be experienced in Korea, leads to re-watching with friends and family members who have visited Korea.​

painters-language school.jpg

special performance

Flexible performance time adjustment for our company outside of regular performance hours
*Available for all performances

audience participation

Audience participation corner where you can see a different side of our employees

painters-language school-photo_time.jpg

photo time

A chance to take pictures of the wonderful paintings and actors drawn during the performance!

autograph session

An opportunity to see actors you've only seen on stage up close!

Get the actors' autographs on souvenirs that can only be purchased at Painters!

어학당 단체 문의 : 홍석돈 차장

Tel  02-766-7848

Mobile  010-3843-9814


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CORPORATES white bold text icon

corporate group

corporate special day,
for better cultural events
100% custom performance

  • We deliver your company's message in a pleasant way through pictures.

      A performance that perfectly fits the concept of the event. We hope that you will make a better cultural event with Painters Hero.

  • Regular performance (group viewing)

      Special offers for groups of 20 or more
      Employee welfare events, departmental cultural dinners, club performances, and more!

  • public performance

      Pavilion where all seats are available for purchase and in-house events exclusively for companies and groups
      Cultural events for customers and families, training events for new employees and employees, social contribution events, workshops, showcases, etc.

      We offer a special time and space.

painters-welcome message.png

special performance

Flexible performance time adjustment for our company outside of regular performance hours
*Available for all performances

audience participation

Audience participation corner where you can see a different side of our employees

painters-autograph session-hwan-kyunghyang-seoul-korea.jpeg
painters-autograph session-taesung-yoonsoo-kyunghyang-seoul-korea.jpg


작전스크린통해 행사컨셉환영메세지


연전약10~20분간 기업행사 진행가

(시상식, 세미나 등)
,빔프로젝이용 (전관공시 가능)

페인터즈와 함께하는 氣-UP 문화공연 관람 !!

기업과 단체만을 위해 

전 좌석 구매 및 부대행사가 가능한 전관공연 !!!

기업단체 문의 : 김의석 이사

Tel  02-766-7848

Mobile  010-5350-9133 


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